Welbedacht Wine Estate Old Bush Vine Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2009

Chemical Anaylysis

Alcohol: 13.5
Residual Sugar: 2 g/l
Total Acidity: 6.3 g/l
pH: 3.06
Free Sulphur: 35 mg/l
Total Sulphur: 126 mg/l
Volatile Acidity: 0.39 g/l

Tasting Notes

A colour of pale, white gold with a distinct green tinge

Aroma - Intense tropical mélange of fresh passion fruit, kiwi, guava and cantaloupe with grassy undertones
Flavours - Guava, caramel, apricot and toffee wood with flintiness and kiwi

A unique style of Chenin Blanc. The wine is dry with a high level of perceptual sweetness, moderate, well-integrated wood, fresh fruit and a long finish. To be enjoyed as an aperitif or with Mediterranean foods and other interesting, even spicy, dishes.


All grapes are harvested by hand into shallow bins, which are then chilled BEFORE they are crushed. By chilling the grapes before they are crushed, we lower the energy available for chemical oxidation and phenolic extraction. Oxidative and contaminatory micro-organisms are also inhibited BEFORE the juice is exposed to their harmful effects. A portion of the wine is treated reductively to protect natural fruit aroma and delicacy.

The wines are settled for 24hours at 8°Celsius using pectolytic enzymes and carbon dioxide blankets to limit oxidation. After racking, the wines are immediately inoculated with pure yeast cultures to ensure a reliable fermentary conclusion.
Only new French and Hungarian oak barrels, with low toasting levels, are used to ensure that the wines are complimented by the wood, rather than dominated by the wood. The wines are fermented until
dry, then racked, their acid adjusted and returned to the barrels for further maturation on the lees. Aging on the lees promotes creaminess and low sulphur levels enhance toffee characters.

The wines are left in the barrels for 7-months before blending and bottling. We strive to produce full-bodied complex white wines, which are well balanced, elegant and fresh.


  • Silver at the Michelangeo International Wine Awards (Vintage 2008)

R 95.00