Bohemian Syrah 2008

If you are a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behaviour, you are a Bohemian. This wine is for you and like-minded people. We believe there is only one cultivar that can carry the Bohemian name and that is Syrah! The wine makers’ art involved with this wine is, that we allowed the Syrah fruit, grown on our Estates' award winning slopes, made and bottled in our ground breaking cellar, to dictate to us what processes to use, from the vine into the wine - worthy of a discerning Bohemian like you! Take care as Bohemians can be adventurers, vagabonds and bon vivant, and this Syrah can exaggerate this behaviour!

Chemical Anaylysis

Alcohol: 14.2
Residual Sugar: 2.30 g/l
Total Acidity: 5.90 g/l
pH: 3.55
Free Sulphur: 35 ppm
Total Sulphur: 97 ppm
Volatile Acidity: 0.42 g/l

Tasting Notes

A rich nose expressing true Syrah character. Intense cloves, violets and black cherries continuous into tanned leather, cedar wood and vanilla.

This nose expands on the palate into ripe plums and cinnamon, with intense but fresh fine grained tannins. A peppery structure with a toasted nuttiness and earthy undertones, which is softened by sweet caramel and beeswax undertones.


All grapes are harvested by hand into shallow bins, which are then chilled BEFORE they are crushed. By chilling the grapes before they
are crushed, we lower the energy available for chemical oxidation and phenolic extraction. Oxidative and contaminatory micro-organisms are also inhibited BEFORE the juice is exposed to their harmful effects.

The grape are cold soaked for 48hours using pectolytic enzymes to promote flavour and colour extraction. After cold soaking the must is inoculated with commercial yeast strains. Fermenting grapes are kept at a temperature less than 30°C to temper harsh tannin extraction and prolong fermentation. The wine spends no less than 14 days on the skin.

Malolactic fermentation is begun in stainless steel tanks for better settling and completed in small oak barrels to soften the wine. Oak selection includes first second and third fill barrel compromised almost exclusively of French oak Some American and Hungarian Oak also used).

All reds spend at least 18 months in barrel and are removed when the wine maker feels that they have achieved the correct balance. Thereafter they are bottled and bottled matured for at least 6 months until market ready.


  • Michelangelo International Wine awards 2007 - Silver Medal

R 105.00