Welbedacht Cricket Oval popular with the Cape Wild Boar XI


02 August 2010


Above can be seen the devastation caused by the Cape Wild Boars on our Estate’s very famous Welbedacht Cricket Oval. These Cape Wild Boars, due to the very dry conditions, come out of the Groenberg Mountain at night to feed. We believe they have started their own 20/20 Night Cricket League but their last game must have been a particularly tough one, given the state of the field the following morning! We believe that this game was possibly between the Boars and the Meerkats, who are also not shy of burrowing away at our soils. Further news is that our resident Meerkat family has grown to 4, following Blossom giving birth to 2 babies a month ago. However the result was not on the scoreboard the following morning so we do not know who won!

The Boars use their tusks to plough beneath the kikuyu and lift the roots which they are very fond of.

They are a very rare breed and are hardly seen during the day and can weigh up to a 200 kg’s. It is further also testament to the terroir and surrounding bio-diversity that we are privileged to have these rare animals so close to our farms.

Please feel free to visit Welbedacht Estate and get acquainted with our unique terroir, wines and animals,

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Regards from the warmest burrows,

Tiaan Burger

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